Still here in 2020

I realized while checking the website a little while ago that the most recent blog post was from before the shutdown (although I was still seeing emergencies that whole time). Just wanted to let you all know that we are in fact open- we reopened May 4th in fact- and most of you are overdue for your adjustment!

We certainly have had more time to reflect on what is important to us- I know that I miss seeing friends and actual people’s faces- not just the eyes! Groceries are important- especially tp and from what I hear paper towels are the new must have item. Time with family and friends. And your health- really your health is your wealth after all.

Please know that I wouldn’t still be here if it weren’t for the support of patients through this difficult time. I hope to stay open for a long time but I can’t do that without patients to fix- so please come visit or send your friends or family! I promise to take really good care of them. We are sanitizing things and surfaces like crazy around here, and I have been masking since the end of March.

Stay well, stay safe, stay healthy. We will make it to the other side of this at some point.


Well I had to follow the Public Health Order and close my doors as of April 1st through to and including April 14th, 2020 and possibly longer. This virus is serious business and we all need to do our part to help mitigate the spread. Only emergencies are currently allowed. I for one will do my part and follow the public health order as we all have a role to play to help win this silent war against a virus we can’t see, and in many cases may not know we are carrying until we’ve passed it on to others. As a small business it is a scary time, but I feel that we will be OK down the road, as I know so many of you get the value of regular maintenance and wellness care. It is because I care so much about my patients that I can’t just keep my doors open and pretend it’s business as usual- it most certainly is not. I can try to help you with emergency stuff but for now that is it. So stay tuned for updates- I will do my best to post those on the website as well as our FB page. Please be mindful of your posture if you are working from home at a different spot or type of desk than you are used to, and move carefully , don’t overdo it- so that you don’t need me or the ER!

Dear Patients during the time of COVID-19

Dear Patients- I believe the time has come for me to restrict the schedule to only those who need emergency care, or essential care (for example on an MPI claim and you’re still working right now, hot low back, nerve root problems, torticollis, WCB claim). I have blocked off the online booking at this time to prevent people from booking so far apart that I end up sitting here for hours. You are for the most part doing what you’re supposed to be doing- staying home- and that’s awesome because that is the only way we are ever going to get back to a normal life again. So if you need an appointment you can call or text me at 204-795-3589, or you can email or put appointment request in the subject line. The days I had posted for the rest of March and April I will pop to the office at the start times to check mail, and voicemail but if you want to be sure I’ll be in please text me (you can also FB messenger). I don’t want to close completely as I know lots of you are still out there working as essential workers, but I do want to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 by reducing office hours and only seeing those who really need care. If you have an appointment booked with me over the next month I will call you the day before to check in and we will see what things are like in the world at that time. Please note that if you have any respiratory symptoms or have travelled outside the province I won’t be able to see you in that 14 day window after you return. I encourage you all to stay at home as much as you can, order groceries online for pickup or delivery if you can, and wash your hands! The schedule I previously posted will be the days that I will pop in to check stuff at the start time!!! If you are an mpi patient I may be in touch to check in with you- there’s a possibility we can do telephone/ video conferencing if you need help with stretches, rehab exercises as well. Stay healthy, stay safe, and as a patient reminded me last week- this too shall pass! – Dr S

Vacation Motivation

I often talk about this with patients but one of the greatest motivators for coming in for care is the vacation motivation. Nobody wants to have a sore back when they are flying to their sunny destination for a week of R and R, not to mention it would make getting around on vacation difficult. While I am happy to help you ahead of your vacation, I would encourage you to seek care on a regular basis so we are not in crisis management a day or two before you leave. The benefits of a regular tune-up often include not spiralling into crisis as often, not to mention it usually requires fewer adjustments to get you back on the right track again. Please consider making 2020 your best year yet by committing to a schedule of regular chiropractic care by coming in at least once per month. Regular exercise and activity will also help you to maintain your strength and flexibility and minimize joint pain. Cheers to your health in 2020- let’s get you back on track.

The Value of Chiropractic Care

I know I haven’t been blogging for a long time but thought since I had some time today I would share a few thoughts. I recently heard from one of the big wigs in chiropractic on a summit that not recommending enough chiropractic care could be considered immoral. Wow. That made me stop and think- do I recommend enough care for all of you? I know some of you “get it” and come in regularly for an adjustment. For a lot of us that could range anywhere from a few weeks to maybe 6 weeks. A few of you are more quarterly. Some of you resurface bi-annually or annually, or longer as the case may be.

I get it- life is busy- maybe you are doing all sorts of care- massage, acupuncture, physio for example. I myself try and get adjusted at least once a month (although I’ve told a few of you I would prefer once a week), and a massage once a month or so too. I have done acupuncture in the past and feel like I should reschedule myself for that too. So how is chiropractic different? Chiropractors are trained to do something that no other profession does- correct vertebral subluxations so that your body can function at its optimum potential. Keep your nerve impulses flowing from your brain via your spinal cord to your nerves and out to your organs and muscles. And then relay those impulses back from your arms and legs and organs back to your spinal cord and back to your brain. I am 43 and I can still stand on my own hands when I do yoga if I want to. I have been getting adjustments since I was a teenager and been on a regular care schedule since I was 22 and entered Palmer College of Chiropractic. I almost never have pain. I take no medication except vitamins and supplements. I want that for all of you! So as 2019 starts to wind down, ask yourself if maybe coming in a little more regularly would let you enjoy your life that much more? After all, we are all spiritual beings having a human experience, why not make that human experience one where you enjoy getting out of bed every day?

Welcome Spring!

It was a long winter this year so I along with my son and my hubby are very excited to see that it is finally spring. Despite the cold wind out there today, it’s nice to see temperatures above freezing. Soon it will be time for planting the garden, raking grass, digging, doing fix it projects and enjoying the sunshine. With these repetitive type activities it is important with raking for example to switch sides, so that you don’t end up with Quadratus Lumborum (QL) muscles in the lower back (lumbar region) in spasm. Taking breaks from prolonged bent forward positions and doing a baby back bends can go a long way to saving your intervertebral discs in your spine some grief as well. You can also get down on all fours with your back in a tabletop position, wrists under shoulders, knees under hips and do some cat/ cow postures. (Yoga with Adriene has some great videos on youtube if you are looking for video instruction in your own home). I have been doing yoga more days than not so far this year and hope to keep that up for the rest of 2019. Just remember that a little maintenance for your spine every month goes a long way to keeping not only your nervous system healthy but the rest of your organ systems functioning at their optimum potential too.

Recovering from summer feet

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while, but I figured better late than never.  Many of you have been coming in this fall with what I call the repercussions of wearing crappy summer shoes.  Pain in the medial arches of the feet, underneath the calcaneus or heel bone, maybe even on the lateral or transverse arch.  Pain on the underside of your foot when you get out of bed first thing in the morning and take those first few steps.  In a lot of cases, yes it is the dreaded Plantar Fasciitis, the inflammation of the fascia on the underside of the foot.  As the fall goes on many of you have likely noticed as you change footwear an improvement in symptoms.  This is because you are likely wearing a shoe with more arch support, one that is better constructed.  So what can you do to prevent/recover from summer feet?

  1.  Limit how often you wear flip flops in the summer- any summer hikes or walks of any distance require a shoe or sandal that is strapped on better or has better support.
  2. Also limit how often you wear flats that have no support.
  3. You may need to wear a shoe or slipper with some support in the house that has proper arch support, especially first thing when you get out of bed.  Running shoes for indoor use only may be needed in severe cases.
  4. Don’t wear any boot that is so flat there is no support whatsoever as winter begins (I’ve seen cases of Plantar Fasciitis with these type of boots as well!)
  5. Tell me when you come for your next tune-up!  There are Activator checks we can do for ALL the different bones in the feet, and often an adjustment helps speed up recovery!
  6. Don’t overstretch the area as that may make the microtears worse.  Freezing a water bottle and icing the bottom of your foot at the end of a long day on your feet might help.
  7. Shop for better shoes next time around!  (There now I’ve given you an excuse to go shopping!)

Here’s hoping it won’t take all winter for your feet to recover!  Happy hiking!

Pot nation- a few considerations

I woke up today to the many images of lines outside the weed shops across Canada.  We are entering a brave new world as a “pot nation” if you will, where cannabis is now legal (with certain restrictions).  My husband and I never thought we’d see the day in our lifetime.

I just wanted to put out a quick blog to address something that I think may come up now that cannabis is legal and more out in the open.  I do NOT want to treat you in the office if you have just consumed cannabis and I will tell you why- it changes the neurology of the leg checks that I do as part of the Activator Methods technique making it more difficult for me to give you a good adjustment.  How do I know this?  Well one of our Activator docs that teaches regularly at the Calgary seminar has mentioned this the past few years (he practices in Washington state).    Does this mean I have an issue with you using cannabis?  Nope- not one bit.  Use it responsibly- in your own home, not driving anywhere.  If you are having nerve pain that isn’t going away or gut pain apparently the CBD oil can really help and/or the butters.  If anything, legalization will make it easier for people who maybe need to try it for medical reasons to get it.  I know of a few cases of people who either post-surgical or after a workplace injury have had great success with CBD oil.  Just keep in mind, that just like alcohol, different people can have different reactions.

If you are a young person who wants to reproduce someday I would stay away from it- especially for females.  We know that there can be alteration of the gametes (ie the ova) that cannot be repaired (1)- so if you want to keep your DNA in tiptop shape then marijuana may not be for you.  For males it can affect sperm quality (2)  and quantity making it harder to conceive down the road.

I will leave it at that.  Still come in for your regular adjustment, just please don’t use cannabis before you come- so that I can keep helping you the best that I can.

Yours in good health- Dr. Suzanne



The New New Year

September always seems to be another beginning.  Time for back to school and programs starting up again.  I know some people that also refer to it as cheque-tember- lol!   I have come to think of it as my new new year.  When I used to go to the gym I used to really notice the influx of people in January and again in September.  If you fell apart with your new year’s resolutions September is a great time to get back on track.  Now that we are getting more settled in our new space I am hoping to reintroduce some more routine into my life.

For example- regular yoga times, instead of just the random times I’ve been doing yoga at home.  One of my new fave discoveries in the past year is Yoga with Adrienne on youtube- lots of little snippets of yoga you can get done in as little as 20 minutes, or longer 45 minutes if you want.   Going for longer walks again- I have known lots of people who walk during the winter months, they just dress for the weather!

And of course watching my eating- time to cut back on sugar once again.  Summer ice cream  trips to E’s (formerly Ko’s) and at the lake are pretty much over.  Summer beer drinking and chip eating are coming to an end.  Time to get back to making butternut squash soup and borscht.  Sticking to lean protein and lots of greens should help too.

Last week I went for an adjustment, first one in a while.  I’m hoping to get back on track with that as well, at least once a month if not twice.  My body just doesn’t work without regular chiropractic care!  And of course now that I have a massage therapist in house I am hoping to take advantage of that as well- just have to find the right time to book that in.  For me regular chiro and massage go a long way to helping me function at my best.

I have to remind myself to make sure that my 5 year old gets his regular adjustment as well.   After all he will be starting hockey this winter, and I can only imagine the bumps he’s going to take with falls and collisions!  Don’t leave your kids home to develop the same problems you  have!  Little spines need regular checkups too- you take them to the eye doctor and the dentist, but their spine houses their entire nervous system and needs to stay aligned in order to offer optimum function.   That’s why the week of September 17th is Kids’ Week at the office- you can call us for more details.   I of course welcome everyone all week long but like to make a point of getting kids checked for subluxation as they start back into their school year and activities.  There has never been a better time for you to be your healthiest version of yourself than right now!  I am so grateful to be your chiropractor and look forward to taking care of your friends and family.  Namaste- and have a great week!

Cabin back

I started using the term cabin back early in my career, and alas, now that we have a cabin I find I too suffer from this malady.  It’s not so much that our bed at the cabin is uncomfortable, but it is queen size, and at home of course we have king size.  Add to that two kitty cats with two adults and let’s just say it’s a tight fit.  With no air conditioning it’s an even tighter fit.  I also do a fair amount of pet yoga in my sleep, move a leg around this cat, arm around that one, try and roll over.  In any case I know that I need an adjustment badly after a stint out in the bush.   I can only imagine that with everyone else’s summer travels, camping on camper mattresses that are not that thick, sleeping in a tent on an air mattress that slowly deflates and then you wake up on the ground (yup I’ve done all this stuff too), that you all are in need of some care.    Please call and come in this week as this is my week at home before heading back to the cabin next week (but I will be in Monday and part of Tuesday next week as well).

In this week’s garden report- we had our first few red robin tomatoes when we got home from the lake today, and our first pea.  Yup just one pod ready.  I also picked a straggler asparagus.  The garden looked thirsty but looking at the clouds I refused to give in, and mother nature took care of that around 4 pm.

In this week’s wild animal report my hubby reports seeing a doe and her fawn walk right through our yard at the lake.  On the ride home today I saw a “flock” of wild turkeys in the bush, gathered in a circle I think- like they were having a meeting.

Look forward to seeing you this week!