Cabin back

I started using the term cabin back early in my career, and alas, now that we have a cabin I find I too suffer from this malady.  It’s not so much that our bed at the cabin is uncomfortable, but it is queen size, and at home of course we have king size.  Add to that two kitty cats with two adults and let’s just say it’s a tight fit.  With no air conditioning it’s an even tighter fit.  I also do a fair amount of pet yoga in my sleep, move a leg around this cat, arm around that one, try and roll over.  In any case I know that I need an adjustment badly after a stint out in the bush.   I can only imagine that with everyone else’s summer travels, camping on camper mattresses that are not that thick, sleeping in a tent on an air mattress that slowly deflates and then you wake up on the ground (yup I’ve done all this stuff too), that you all are in need of some care.    Please call and come in this week as this is my week at home before heading back to the cabin next week (but I will be in Monday and part of Tuesday next week as well).

In this week’s garden report- we had our first few red robin tomatoes when we got home from the lake today, and our first pea.  Yup just one pod ready.  I also picked a straggler asparagus.  The garden looked thirsty but looking at the clouds I refused to give in, and mother nature took care of that around 4 pm.

In this week’s wild animal report my hubby reports seeing a doe and her fawn walk right through our yard at the lake.  On the ride home today I saw a “flock” of wild turkeys in the bush, gathered in a circle I think- like they were having a meeting.

Look forward to seeing you this week!