Dear Patients during the time of COVID-19

Dear Patients- I believe the time has come for me to restrict the schedule to only those who need emergency care, or essential care (for example on an MPI claim and you’re still working right now, hot low back, nerve root problems, torticollis, WCB claim). I have blocked off the online booking at this time to prevent people from booking so far apart that I end up sitting here for hours. You are for the most part doing what you’re supposed to be doing- staying home- and that’s awesome because that is the only way we are ever going to get back to a normal life again. So if you need an appointment you can call or text me at 204-795-3589, or you can email or put appointment request in the subject line. The days I had posted for the rest of March and April I will pop to the office at the start times to check mail, and voicemail but if you want to be sure I’ll be in please text me (you can also FB messenger). I don’t want to close completely as I know lots of you are still out there working as essential workers, but I do want to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 by reducing office hours and only seeing those who really need care. If you have an appointment booked with me over the next month I will call you the day before to check in and we will see what things are like in the world at that time. Please note that if you have any respiratory symptoms or have travelled outside the province I won’t be able to see you in that 14 day window after you return. I encourage you all to stay at home as much as you can, order groceries online for pickup or delivery if you can, and wash your hands! The schedule I previously posted will be the days that I will pop in to check stuff at the start time!!! If you are an mpi patient I may be in touch to check in with you- there’s a possibility we can do telephone/ video conferencing if you need help with stretches, rehab exercises as well. Stay healthy, stay safe, and as a patient reminded me last week- this too shall pass! – Dr S