We’ve moved!!!

I’m very excited to announce that Blue Moon Family Chiropractic is now in its new home at 96 Browning Blvd.   The office build started on my son’s birthday, June 8th, and in reality there are a few finishing touches to do.  The plan is to start seeing patients again after the long weekend on July 3rd, 2018.  Since July 2nd is my 15 year anniversary of having my  own business I’m sure I’ll be celebrating all week long.   Many thanks to my carpenter Ricky  Lucier from R Lucier Building, my electrician Dean Bernardin from Wireworks Electric,  my plumber Darren from Plumb-X plumbing, and Mike from Pegcity Hvac who did the dryer vent.  Yes that’s right we’ve put in laundry in expectation that a registered massage therapist will be joining us shortly.   It’s been a hairy few weeks getting everything done,  and I pushed these guys a lot so I thank them very much for getting the job done on time.  I know they are all very busy trades guys and very good at what they do.  Shortline movers were also awesome- very quick and efficient yesterday- another great company.   And also a big thank-you to my tech guys at Aplus computers- Jason and his team have been a big help- Edmund helped me set up my printer yesterday over the phone, and John Vis did a great job helping to get the website published and cleaning it up a bit.  So now that we’ve built it, will you come visit?  I look forward to seeing you all in the new space in the coming weeks.  I will probably be grinning from ear to ear 🙂


So we continue to wait to start construction in our new space.  Stay tuned!  I hope to report that we are under construction next week!  The universe is testing my patience.  But I’m trying to stay cool.  But it’s really really hard!!!  I have faith that  we will be rockin’ it in our new space before you know it.  In the meantime, if you could help a girl out by telling your family and friends that we’re moving into Westwood, and that our phone number will be the same that would help a lot too.   I have been coping with the delays by doing things like baking and icing 95 mini cupcakes in preparation for my son’s 5th birthday this weekend, weeding and then planting the entire garden in two days, and getting caught up on laundry and housework.   This year’s experimental garden plant is brussel sprouts- Kim tells me she’s had no luck with them, but stay tuned as I attempt to grow them this year.  Sadly the pumpkin plant did not look happy at the end of yesterday- hopefully a bit more moisture and it will perk up.   If you’ve been in the garden in the last few days now that the rain has let up make sure you call for an appointment to keep your spinal health in check.