Pot nation- a few considerations

I woke up today to the many images of lines outside the weed shops across Canada.  We are entering a brave new world as a “pot nation” if you will, where cannabis is now legal (with certain restrictions).  My husband and I never thought we’d see the day in our lifetime.

I just wanted to put out a quick blog to address something that I think may come up now that cannabis is legal and more out in the open.  I do NOT want to treat you in the office if you have just consumed cannabis and I will tell you why- it changes the neurology of the leg checks that I do as part of the Activator Methods technique making it more difficult for me to give you a good adjustment.  How do I know this?  Well one of our Activator docs that teaches regularly at the Calgary seminar has mentioned this the past few years (he practices in Washington state).    Does this mean I have an issue with you using cannabis?  Nope- not one bit.  Use it responsibly- in your own home, not driving anywhere.  If you are having nerve pain that isn’t going away or gut pain apparently the CBD oil can really help and/or the butters.  If anything, legalization will make it easier for people who maybe need to try it for medical reasons to get it.  I know of a few cases of people who either post-surgical or after a workplace injury have had great success with CBD oil.  Just keep in mind, that just like alcohol, different people can have different reactions.

If you are a young person who wants to reproduce someday I would stay away from it- especially for females.  We know that there can be alteration of the gametes (ie the ova) that cannot be repaired (1)- so if you want to keep your DNA in tiptop shape then marijuana may not be for you.  For males it can affect sperm quality (2)  and quantity making it harder to conceive down the road.

I will leave it at that.  Still come in for your regular adjustment, just please don’t use cannabis before you come- so that I can keep helping you the best that I can.

Yours in good health- Dr. Suzanne


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