The New New Year

September always seems to be another beginning.  Time for back to school and programs starting up again.  I know some people that also refer to it as cheque-tember- lol!   I have come to think of it as my new new year.  When I used to go to the gym I used to really notice the influx of people in January and again in September.  If you fell apart with your new year’s resolutions September is a great time to get back on track.  Now that we are getting more settled in our new space I am hoping to reintroduce some more routine into my life.

For example- regular yoga times, instead of just the random times I’ve been doing yoga at home.  One of my new fave discoveries in the past year is Yoga with Adrienne on youtube- lots of little snippets of yoga you can get done in as little as 20 minutes, or longer 45 minutes if you want.   Going for longer walks again- I have known lots of people who walk during the winter months, they just dress for the weather!

And of course watching my eating- time to cut back on sugar once again.  Summer ice cream  trips to E’s (formerly Ko’s) and at the lake are pretty much over.  Summer beer drinking and chip eating are coming to an end.  Time to get back to making butternut squash soup and borscht.  Sticking to lean protein and lots of greens should help too.

Last week I went for an adjustment, first one in a while.  I’m hoping to get back on track with that as well, at least once a month if not twice.  My body just doesn’t work without regular chiropractic care!  And of course now that I have a massage therapist in house I am hoping to take advantage of that as well- just have to find the right time to book that in.  For me regular chiro and massage go a long way to helping me function at my best.

I have to remind myself to make sure that my 5 year old gets his regular adjustment as well.   After all he will be starting hockey this winter, and I can only imagine the bumps he’s going to take with falls and collisions!  Don’t leave your kids home to develop the same problems you  have!  Little spines need regular checkups too- you take them to the eye doctor and the dentist, but their spine houses their entire nervous system and needs to stay aligned in order to offer optimum function.   That’s why the week of September 17th is Kids’ Week at the office- you can call us for more details.   I of course welcome everyone all week long but like to make a point of getting kids checked for subluxation as they start back into their school year and activities.  There has never been a better time for you to be your healthiest version of yourself than right now!  I am so grateful to be your chiropractor and look forward to taking care of your friends and family.  Namaste- and have a great week!