Vacation Motivation

I often talk about this with patients but one of the greatest motivators for coming in for care is the vacation motivation. Nobody wants to have a sore back when they are flying to their sunny destination for a week of R and R, not to mention it would make getting around on vacation difficult. While I am happy to help you ahead of your vacation, I would encourage you to seek care on a regular basis so we are not in crisis management a day or two before you leave. The benefits of a regular tune-up often include not spiralling into crisis as often, not to mention it usually requires fewer adjustments to get you back on the right track again. Please consider making 2020 your best year yet by committing to a schedule of regular chiropractic care by coming in at least once per month. Regular exercise and activity will also help you to maintain your strength and flexibility and minimize joint pain. Cheers to your health in 2020- let’s get you back on track.