Change is good

Well I can definitely say that the wheels are in motion to move the practice to Winnipeg.  It has been a lot of change which has been challenging at times, and still is.  I have had to change the business name from Headingley Chiropractic to Blue Moon Family Chiropractic in order to get permits in the city in the new business name.  So we are operating in limbo I guess, under our new name in our old location for now.  I am looking forward to having my own space again and growing the business to help more families with living a healthier life.

Westwood is where I grew up and brings back lots of good memories, of riding my bike to get candy at Bigelows’ Pharmacy, where I worked in University, and now that same strip mall will be our new home.  It’s like coming full circle and I really hope this is our last move!  I look forward to continuing to take care of the many patients who have come to see me over the years and to continue to meet many new patients who could live a healthier life through regular chiropractic care.