Well I had to follow the Public Health Order and close my doors as of April 1st through to and including April 14th, 2020 and possibly longer. This virus is serious business and we all need to do our part to help mitigate the spread. Only emergencies are currently allowed. I for one will do my part and follow the public health order as we all have a role to play to help win this silent war against a virus we can’t see, and in many cases may not know we are carrying until we’ve passed it on to others. As a small business it is a scary time, but I feel that we will be OK down the road, as I know so many of you get the value of regular maintenance and wellness care. It is because I care so much about my patients that I can’t just keep my doors open and pretend it’s business as usual- it most certainly is not. I can try to help you with emergency stuff but for now that is it. So stay tuned for updates- I will do my best to post those on the website as well as our FB page. Please be mindful of your posture if you are working from home at a different spot or type of desk than you are used to, and move carefully , don’t overdo it- so that you don’t need me or the ER!